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Piping can never be better than its supports

A plant’s availability and long life are decisive prerequisites for its economical operation and profitability.

A significant influence in this regard is the trouble-free functioning of the piping systems – which connect the major components like the veins in an organism. Any faulty behavior on their part can lead to the failure of the whole system.

The piping systems are inherently dependent on the operational safety of their supports. LISEGA and Stressman Engineering provide a range of first-class international services as the following listed:

1.- Inspection of pipe supports.
2.- Inspection of pipe displacements.
3.- Planning and supports at the plant.
4.- Supervision of construction, installation, and commissioning.
5.- Inspection, servicing, and checking of shock absorbers of all brands.
* Each service can be adapted to individual requirements.

The wide range of LISEGA products and Stressman Engineering services are specifically aimed at ensuring the functionality of pipe supports and their proper application in piping systems.

The appropriate use of our combined service packages will make a valuable contribution to the functionality and safety of complex piping systems, increasing the longevity of the entire plant.

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