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Finite Element Analysis

3D solid/shell Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used when simpler hand calculations and beam element analyses cannot capture the geometrical changes or local plastifications. The FEA method is more computer extensive but reveals a better picture of the local details in piping components and structures.

The difficult part with FEA is to interpret and verify the results. Here at Stressman Engineering we have extensive experience in categorizing stresses, evaluating elastic and plastic capacities, fatigue. For example, local stresses are typically not an issue for overall capacity, but of importance with regards to fatigue (life time evaluation) as cracks may be initiated in high stress zones.

We apply the FEA method to all disciplines such as pipe stress, structural stress and pressure vessels.

It was really good to have your wonderful training course, which provided me a wide and in-depth understanding on logic and industrial codes within short time.

Mr. Choi, Sung-Yean,

Lloyds Register, Korea

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