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Third Party Verification

StressMan Engineering performs pipe stress calculations mainly with the beam element software Triflex and Caesar II and in accordance with relevant standards.

These are some of the standards that StressMan Engineering has experience with:

  • ASME B31.3
  • ASME B31.8 Chapter VIII (Subsea)
  • EN13445
  • UKOOA og BS7159 (GRE materialer)
  • DNV-OS-F101
  • DNV-RP-F112 (HISC)

For special considerations of for example HISC, SIFs or other local effects we use FE software from Paulin Research Group (PRG) or ANSYS Mechanical.

Standard softwares have in many cases, when dealing with a large number of load cases, limitations of how to report the wanted results. To handle these situations StressMan Engineering develops software and macro functions to be more efficient and can deliver tailored reports exactly to the client’s needs.

It was really good to have your wonderful training course, which provided me a wide and in-depth understanding on logic and industrial codes within short time.

Mr. Choi, Sung-Yean,

Lloyds Register, Korea