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Vessel Calculations

Atmospheric and pressurized vessels, typically cylindrical, but not always. We have evaluated a wide range of tanks and pressure vessels of many shapes and functions. Cylindrical, squared, elliptical, tall, short, low pressure, high pressure, internals and special cases.

The purpose of analyszing tanks and pressure vessels is to verify the pressure containment and other loads such as nozzle loads, wind loads, brackets, legs, skirts.

Standards and guidelines, a short selecation of what we use;

  • ASME VIII Division 1 | 2 | 3
  • EN13445-3 (PED compliant)
  • ADR2017
  • API

Often, we do FEA of nozzle geometries that are not in accordance with the standards, or to optimize the vessel. This give us a better understanding of the stress distributions and behavior of the vessel.

We have experience with pressures ranging from atmospheric to 1035bar, and from -196C to +300C.

It was really good to have your wonderful training course, which provided me a wide and in-depth understanding on logic and industrial codes within short time.

Mr. Choi, Sung-Yean,

Lloyds Register, Korea

Take a look at some of our selected show case projects below.