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Complete package calculation of subsea SSIV

The picture below shows how Team Stressman enjoy working. In the project below, we had the responsibility to perform all the mechanical stress calculations of a complete subsea SSIV. 

We performed the global structural calculations in SAP2000, the global pipe stress analysis in Triflex, and the local analyses of structural and piping components with ANSYS Enterprise Mechanical. The structure was calculated based on Eurocode 3. The piping was calculated in accordance with ASME B31.8 Chapter VIII (Offshore) and DNVGL-RP-F112 (HISC).

The analyses covered in-place operation, connection, transport, lifting, splashzone, landing and ROV impact load cases. Several hundreds of load cases were run. 

Having responsibility of the entire analysis package gives us total control of all the data, so nothing gets lost in translation. It enables us to optimize the structure and the piping, since we see how they impact on each other.