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Expansion Loops in 2D & 3D

Expansion Loops in 2D & 3D: Enhancing Piping System Flexibility

In instances where thermal displacements within a piping system exceed a specific threshold, the incorporation of expansion loops becomes imperative to absorb these displacements.

According to ASME B31.3, part 319.7, piping expansion loops stand out as one of the most effective methods for increasing the flexibility of piping systems.

The perpendicular length of the pipe, coupled with additional elbows on a piping loop, effectively absorbs thermal stresses.

While expansion loops demand more space compared to expansion joints, the latter are less reliable and durable components.

These loops can adopt symmetrical or asymmetrical configurations between anchors or fixed supports. Symmetrical loops prove more effective, evenly distributing thermal stresses on both sides.

Nevertheless, depending on space constraints, asymmetrical expansion loops find widespread use in various applications.

Expansion Loops in 2D & 3D